Typographic Illustration

A typographic tribute to a cultural icon

Client: Liberty University
Date: February 16, 2017
Services: Typography

01. The Project

Create an illustration that captures the likeness of an individual with typographic elements.

This assignment was designed to challenge my ability to create depth, shape, and detail with type. A key nuance to this particular assignment was that the letters and symbols that were used could not be altered in any way.


Immediately after receiving the assignment, I knew that I wanted to portray Casey. His influence on my life and the amount of energy he has invested into the creative community is unmatched.


Recreating the essence of an internet icon was intimidating at first. The key was to stay focused and pay attention to the little details. The most difficult aspect of this assignment was to find ways to keep the overall aesthetic balanced.


The finished product was successful in class. My peers and professor could see the essence of my subject. When this piece is shown, many individuals do not realize that the entire illustration was created with un-altered type.

02. The Final Deliverable

After several hours of patience and perseverance, I was able to come up with an illustration that captured the likeness of YouTube Filmmaker Casey Neistat. His influence on the creative industry has had a significant impact on my life and never ceases to inspire me in what I do every day.